Learning ZSpheres

For my Digital Sculpting class we have to create creatures. We were just shown how to use ZSpheres and our assignment is to create a creature of our choosing. I chose to do Toothless for the “How to Train Your Dragon” movies. Today I really put a lot of work into just the basic shape of the dragon. Here is the turnout so far.

Trash Can

I made this quick little trashcan for the game I am working on. I’m not exactly sure how secret the game project is, so for the time being let’s just code name it… Project A. This trashcan didn’t take too long and the texturing was simple. The only thing that took some time, as usual, was the UV Unwrap.


New Art Blog!

I have decided to start this blog to keep a running journal of all or most of my work. I will do my best to keep it up to date with pictures and models on Sketchfab. This blog with feature drawings, work from ongoing projects, and any other art projects I may work on. Wish me luck!

Revamped Artwork Page

After some feedback and some web design self-teaching I have changed up the artwork section of my website. The Sketchfab models have been laid out nicely and I have added a new picture viewer to see my older work. Keep checking up because there is more to come soon.

Drumroll, Please now available!

Hey everyone!
Massive Hawk and I are proud to announce that our game, “Drumroll, Please” is available to download on the Google Play store. This version is updated with new objects and features than the one posted before so if you have an android device go and check it out!