Mountain Hawk Striker

Another semester over with and my creature design class comes to a close but not before I submit the Mountain Hawk Striker that I have been working on for the last few months. This massive deadly creature was inspired by lions bears and cassowaries but presented in the art style and color pallet of Disney Infinity.

3D Preview available on my art page, sketchfab or ArtStation


My latest project that I have been working on is Steadfast. A virtual reality game for the HTC Vive. This project is very exciting and has a lot of momentum behind it right now. We have already shown it off at Granite State Comic Con and plan on taking it to PAX East this spring! Stay tuned for updates.

Internship at Eagre Games

This summer, I have been lucky enough to join the Eagre Games team to work on ZED. The team is lead by Chuck Carter who has been a 3D artist for years, working on the art teams of amazing games like Myst, Command and Conquer and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Needless to say I am excited about this great opportunity and can’t wait to learn what I can while on this awesome project!


Summer modeling practice

Now that summer is in full swing I have had quite a bit of time to really practice what I love most, 3d modeling! I have poured a lot of hours into creating some really great pieces over the last few weeks (despite having to pack everything I own into boxes and move house). Here is a look at what I have been up to

Environment Design Final

For our final assignment in our Environment Design class, we were tasked with creating a full game level in groups of four. My group and I decided to go with an oriental themed monastery for our project. We had to break down the tasks, work together and constantly communicate in order to pull of this task. I learned a lot more about high and low poly modeling as well as how to work in a group on a project like this.