168 Hour Game Jam

Although the school semester was very busy with classes at full tilt nearing the end of the year, Jeremy Moore and I decided to participate in our schools 168 hour game jam. We ended up creating a fast paced, 1st person, multiplayer, arena-style shooter. The setting is a very bland, colorless world but the more combat that takes place, the more colorful the world becomes. This project taught me a lot about creating modular environments in a fast paced way, let me create two great gun props and had me balancing my time with my weeks regular schedule and creating of the game.


Hand-painting textures

In my environment class, we had a lesson on hand painting textures. We were given 4 models and a uv unwrap to, essentially, color in. The professor went over how to do some of this texture in class and the rest was up to us with help from provided video tutorials. I was really blown away with how a few little touches and techniques could really make the texture work. Here’s what I ended up with.


Environment Design project that took up my entire spring break

This project has been in the works for 4 weeks! This is the hardest I have ever worked on a project. I bit off far more than I could chew but my professor believed that I could get it done and it looks like he was right. The assignment was to create an interior environment. To do this, we created a blueprint and block out, modular pieces, low polys of the modular pieces, high polys of the modular pieces, unwrap the low polys, bake the normals in substance painter, texture the low poly pieces, assemble everything in Unreal 4, then light the scene… you can see why it took 4 weeks including all of my spring break. Time well spent. Please enjoy the picture gallery!

  • Early block out for cargo bay


First time trying Unreal Engine 4

It’s been a long time coming. I am now familiarizing myself with Unreal and, I have to say, it’s quite nice. The texture panel was a little intimidating at first but after playing around with it, I was able to hook everything up correctly. As well as the table, I have also modeled this fishtank and they look very nice together in engine!


New Project on the Horizon

Using my knowledge of normal maps, specular maps, diffuse maps and ambient occlusion maps, I created this table. Nothing fancy but it’s the first thing I was tasked to create for my new and exciting project. Will be putting it in engine very soon, more to come about this cool new game.

50s Style Diner

My environment design class tasked me with the creation of a building that could be used in an RTS style game like Sim City or Command and Conquer. The building I chose to do was a 50s-style diner inspired by the obscure “googie” architecture of the time. This building features modular pieces and shares all one 2048 x 2048 texture.

Environment Design First Project

I am now taking an Environment Design class at Southern New Hampshire University and these last few lessons have blown my mind! We have been learning all about different ways to model realistic environments from textures and other fundamental strategies for realistic environment modeling. Fascinating stuff! This building was built from one texture that I put together and then modeled out the modular pieces from.

GRA 202 Extra Credit: Space Crate

I had a little free time with a big gap in my finals this week so I decided to take the teacher up on his offer of extra credit assignments. This project really helped solidify my skills in low poly/high poly modeling and baking normals. My favorite part about this assignment was the email I received from the teacher saying “That’s awesome, but you really didn’t need the extra credit.

Thompson Sub Machine Gun

After a lot of hard work, I finally have one of my greatest portfolio pieces yet! This is one of my favorite guns of all time modeled and textured for my GRA 202 Final. With this project I used skills like modeling a low poly model, high poly model, and baking normals and ambient occlusion maps using XNormal.