Its been a crazy semester and time for a well deserved break. Here is one of my final projects that I just wrapped up for modeling class. Once again, this model tied all of my skills together to create this one awesome looking blunderbuss

Metal Crate

After 2 weeks with this project, I have finally cracked the code of what it takes to create normal maps from a high poly model. This model is only 128 tris but looks like so much more, see for yourself.


Rocket Launcher

Once again, we had another assignment to make a game asset using normal, diffuse, and specular maps. This time we had to keep the model below 2,000 tris but we could do whatever we felt like. I made this RPG launcher as it is something I see a lot in games.



My first time using normal maps! I am hooked and love how it looks. This is a small cottage I made for my basic modeling class where we learned about normal maps.


Low Poly M60

Last night I had a bit of free time so I decided to model an M60 machine gun with a sort of low poly look. This gun could easily be used in a video game as it is only around 630 tris.